The Retail Point Of Sale System That Saves You Time, And Money!

Ok, so we know that cutting your lawn with a pair of scissors is not a good use of your time. So having the right tools for the job, especially in busy retail, restaurant or take-a-way environment is very important.

I have spoken to many shop owners who are frustrated with their current setup. They have a till system which isn’t linked to their website or their accounting software (or any other combinations).

One shop was duplicating the same task three times, which not only meant time and money wasted but also had a front of staff entering all this information, three times over when they could have been doing something more productive.

The system I have developed over the last year brings stock control, accounting, eCommerce website, POS (till system) and Payment gateway(s), all in one, easy to use, cloud based system.

If you would like to know more about our time and money-saving retail point of sale system, you can read more about the features on our website by clicking the link below. You can also call me on 07531 437211 or email

From June 2021 our retail POS system is now available on an easy pay monthly plan (excluding hardware).

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