Terms & Conditions

Updated June 2021:


Innovate Web Design will not be held responsible for customers’ personal data. Any data on customers’ equipment must be backed up prior to any work Innovate IT carry out on any equipment.

If it is not possible (due to hard drive failure for example) to back up any data, Innovate Web Design cannot guarantee to retrieve any data. 

Innovate Web Design will (wherever possible) alert you to possible loss of data prior to any repair or upgrade. However, due to drive cleaning processes that removes cache, redundant registry files, and any Windows file system repair, this cannot always be guaranteed, and drive cleaning processes will remove temporary files from browsers, file explorer, Outlook, and any other program/app that uses history. 


All websites are subject to 50% of the agreed cost upfront. The remainder will be paid upon completion. 

Innovate Web Design will not be held responsible for any loss of sales/revenue/profit due to a product/category/price/attribute/advert/campaign or coupon that has been incorrectly added to the website. Once a website has been handed off (usually after the free training), Innovate Web Design is no longer responsible for any errors on the website, including any products. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the correct information at the time the website is being built and point out these errors before the site goes live.

Innovate Web Design will not be held responsible for driving visitors to their websites, which includes a lack of traffic, loss, or low sales unless the client has specifically employed Innovate Web Design and its partners to help with marketing. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is included on each site/page and based on keywords provided. Innovate Web Design will register your website with Google/Bing, including any Google analytics data. Any Google Analytics data can be sent via request as part of the Google reporting platform. 

Any changes/additions to the website, (once the site has gone live) will be charged at the standard £40 p/h unless otherwise agreed.


  1. One month upfront payable on the first payment.
  2. Payment is via a reoccurring credit/debit card stored securely on the Innovate Web Design website. Payments are made securely by Stripe. You can update your payment details any time you wish. 
  3. The minimum term is 12 months.
  4. You can cancel your subscription any time you want. However, there will be a cancellation/administration fee charge of £50 if you wish to cancel the subscription within the first 12 months.
  5. Your package can be upgraded or downgraded at any time. Just email or call us to discuss the details.
  6. By registering and paying for a subscription or product, you agree to these terms and conditions.
  7. If you wish to purchase the website after the 12 months minimum term you may do so. 


Parts fitted to any equipment usually have 12 months guarantee from the date of purchase. Some items may have a longer guarantee with the manufacturers. Any labour is guaranteed for up to 12 months. Should a new fault, non-related to the original fault occur, then the standard £40 p/h charge will apply.


Your privacy is important to us. Any personal or sensitive information is kept in an online vault, which also has 2-factor authentication for access. No information will be passed or sold to third parties. Your data will remain in the secure vault whilst you are a customer. 

All domain names remain in the ownership of our customers (unless otherwise specified at the time), and we do not charge a release fee if you were to change providers.

If you decide to move your WordPress website to another provider, we will only charge the standard £40 per hour rate for any time taken to back the website up and arrange the safe transfer to your new provider.

Any images/graphics/logos and documents sent by our customers remain their property, and will not be used by Innovate Web Design on any other projects, or sold to a third party.  

Innovate Web Design reserve the rights to change these terms & conditions at any time.

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