Out-of-date website damaging your credibility?

Out of date webpage

It can be a juggling act trying to run a business and keep your website and social media up to date.

There is nothing worse than a website with stale content.

It’s not just the look and feel of your site that contribute to whether it’s dated. Your content needs scrutinising, too. If your latest news article talks about an event two years ago, your content needs updating to keep it fresh. This is also essential for search engine optimisation (SEO).

If your website is not optimised for use on mobile devices, it’s long overdue a re-haul. In fact, it’s a necessity if you want to stay competitive.

Also if your website is lacking social media share buttons, you’re falling behind the times. Having a tie-in with social media on your website is a great way to increase awareness of your site, and boost your SEO profile.

Here at Innovate IT we can take over the management of your existing website, blog or social media to keep your customers informed and coming back for more!

Give us a call today on 07531 437211 or email hello@innovate-it.co.uk to see how we can help your business cost effectively keep your website current.

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