Customer service?

Frustrated at so called customer service

We’ve all had bad customer service right? There is nothing worse. Feeling out of control with big corporations, getting lost in an endless number pressing game to speak to the right department, only to be disappointed!

Yes, we’ve all been there. Myself quite a lot just recently. There really is no excuse. Good customer service costs nothing, sprinkled with a touch of humility and care!

That’s why we do things differently at Innovate IT. We want to talk to our customers like we would like to be treated by other companies, but as you know, a lot fall short of this.

We have a can-do attitude to our work and try to find solutions to problems rather than creating more, and putting barriers and red tape in the way!

You may all be reading this thinking, yeah right! Well, we are passionate about giving great customer service. This extends to everything we do from day one.

Why not give us a try and see for yourself?

You can call us on 07746 731007, use our online live chat or just send us message. We would love to hear from you.

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